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Display ads & Re-Marketing ads have immense power to generate amazing leads from online. It gives you a remarkable reach. So, if we perfectly manage the each ad with perfect targeting, you could end up with great results under a limited budget for sure. i Source has the expertise to effectively handle your Ad budget and fulfill your goals as per your area of targeting.

Once we gain the new eye views from visitors, later they leave your website, then as 2nd level, our Re-targeting/Re-Marketing ads will follow them up to 90 days.

Display Ads Vs Re-Marketing ads:

Display Ads:

Display advertising works based on user Area Specific, User type, Keyword search or particular website to be displayed. Display ads can Static or Dynamic and colorful advertisements are rich in graphics and images to instantly attract targeted visitors.It grabs user's attention so that they gain interest in the product or service and are compelled to find out more information.

Re-Marketing ads:

Remarketing or Retargeting is a technical and essential part of digital marketing strategy. Retargeting uses user's browsers cookies to serve advertisements to visitors that are interested in your product or service. It is an effective and proven way of capturing traffic, and it is a marketing tactic that is very important & commonly required for any kind of business. It helps to improve conversions.


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