Introducing "DL Max Leads Force" Campaign

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DL i Source Digital team of professional and Ad experts are specially designed a smart and quick Leads campaign called “DL Max Leads”. With this Ad campaign, you can expect best-qualified leads from across the globe! Works with intention of high ROI.

How does this Max Leads work?

Based on your business type and requirements we design the below ad campaigns. Example if you're a Real estate Client we design Max Lead campaign like as below:

NRIs Special –Google Display ads based on E-papers & Other Regional News websites. On selected Dates like Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday only.

FACEBOOK ADS: Publicizing your project with the multi-ad display to attract people, when they click on an ad they will come to your website.

PPC FOR SEM: Pay per click for Search Engine Market, With this Ads, we can counter our core competitors. We can always appear on top when people search for competitor’s projects & our projects too.

REMARKETING ADS:This Ad Campaign works when we have good short time offers! When a visitor come and go from your website, we can hunt them with our offers to tempt them.

LINKED IN ADS: If we targeting top level employees or any other employees then this is the best place to grab them! LinkedIn offers News feed ads & Side Banner ads. Also very economical and gives very good results


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