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Your website needs great content to stand out in the fast-moving world of business. Limited content gives less information about you and what you stand for. Establishing your brand through high-quality, interesting content is crucial for your website and business’s growth. Customers like to read about your company, your services, and additional pieces of information often posted through news and blogging platforms is an added bonus for both you and them.

Your content is amazing, looks great, and is interesting – but there is very little traffic coming through to see it after all your hard work and research. What can you do to bring the traffic your website deserves?

Content promotion will get your business’s hard work and brand noticed by potentially millions of people worldwide through a combination of the following depending on your business’s preferences:
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Convert costumers from large publishers & high traffic websites

At Smarter Digital Marketing we work with Taboola and Outbrain to get your content displayed on more websites to drive a wider audience to you. Their content discovery platforms enable your brand to be noticed on websites frequented by your target audience. Areas where your brand would not usually be able to have a link to your content are accessed through banner advertisements, displaying as eye-catching content a reader can click through to reach your target landing page.

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If you have visited a news website recently you will more than likely be used to the sight of advertisements in sidebars, banners, and footers. Many of them are appealing to look at and have catchy titles. They draw you in and fit with the content on the page or those you have visited previously. This is called retargeting – allowing users who previously visited your website to view your advertisements on other sites. You click through, and you are adding to the advertising website’s traffic. Display advertisement is a simple, effective process that can drive far more traffic to your website than leaving the content on your website with no distinguished links from anywhere else. Outreach for links through other websites’ blogs and social media platforms can increase your visibility for more organic growth.

Convert customers from websites with high traffic levels. News sites, e-commerce stores, and social media websites are all able to be targeted depending on your target demographics. The more people who see your brand, the more chances you have for conversions. Create a buzz about your brand and see what promoting your content could do for your conversions.

Gain brand buzz and promote your campaign

Your business is capable of reaching a far wider audience than you may have first realised. Promoting your content through various medias and devices is the best way to start generating leads for your website. A business that is not visible online will only continue to struggle, but with a managed content promotion campaign, you can see the buzz your campaign will create first-hand. With help and advice every step of the way, from creating high-quality content that websites would love to promote, to the distribution of advertisements and outreach, Smarter Digital Marketing are Glasgow’s number one choice for your business’s online marketing development. We offer a wide variety of content promotion services and your business is assured to be kept in the loop. We know how to create the kind of content your customers will love and understand how to get you the right leads and potential revenue. Marketing your website could not be easier.

We promote content for your website in the following ways:

Great for mass lead generation & online sales generation

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Getting your business more website traffic is what will inevitably bring your business more revenue. Investing in content promotion is one of the best ways to grow traffic and build a wider profile online to establish your brand as one that is trusted, reliable, and safe to use by multiple customers. Whether you are focused on online revenue or simply wish to grow your customer base, content promotion can get your business displaying on the industry map.

More traffic means increased chances for sales. Your brand needs to be seen to have any chance of selling its services. What makes content promotion stand out from the crowd is the way your business can take hold of its values and expand into a wider market. A business is always competing with others and having an advantage can make all the difference. In the eyes of the public, only websites with the smoothest navigation, easiest user interaction, and best content will be good enough for sales.

Generating leads can be a struggle for all online businesses, but it is the most important aspect of all online marketing. Attracting potential customers from across the internet is no small task, but it is one that reaps the best rewards. Outbrain boasts the potential for your content to be seen by some of the 557 million audience members their advertisements reach every month. 80% of the world’s leading brands all use Outbrain to promote their content, and Taboola has their own share of large clients including Ben and Jerry’s.

Your website could be the next big thing. Work with Smarter Digital Marketing and watch your business gain the leads it deserves. Contact us today to get your marketing campaign off to the best start.


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