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What is Online reputation management (ORM)?

When people search for your Brand or Product online, ORM is the process of controlling what shows up on Google about your brand. Nowadays everyone using smartphones, the Internet and googling everything knowing everything about your brand and believing what they see on the first page results. If they found anything wrong about your brand, then it will affect you very quickly. No one cares how large or how old your business is, they care about what others say about your brand. In this process, you will lose revenue, Customer base, Inventors and ultimately it will damage your Brand value.

What do we?

Online Reputation Management Services in Hyderabad

At DL i Source, We follow 3 levels of Reputation Management Strategy to work quickly and efficiently with one of our Online brand management services to achieve maximum productivity results which you required and we do the work that will be useful for you in the long period of time; it’s not just a quick fix. Regardless of your situation, there is a solution and we will find the right one for you.

We use 5-Step methodology for your Reputation Repair and Management.

  • STEP 1 - 24/7 tracking on your Brand name online worldwide. Our dedicated tools keep focusing on online Review sites, Discussion forum, blogs, and social media pages and community sites, etc.
  • STEP 2 - Insist of your negative look, our tools will create positive with good star ratings.
  • STEP 3 - By using our social media techniques, we attract new customers and we also clear all your customers’ queries and revert back with necessary information's, so that we can remove the negatives before they arise.
  • STEP 4 - Our SEO techniques will pull down your negative positions and pull up your positives and also social media results in first search page results.
  • STEP 5 - We work according to your brand related keywords, in all major search engines and browsers. So that in 360 degrees search results your brand will appear with good ratings.

Whichever type of website that you own, it can be enhanced dramatically by implementing CMS. If you run any of the following types of website, then your organisation can benefit from Smarter Digital Marketing’s services:

Content Marketing Services in India
  • An online magazine or website.

  • An E-commerce business.
  • A charitable website.
  • Commercial enterprises both large and small.
  • A personal page.
  • Any other type of website that needs to manage content with minimal fuss.

Our 3 Levels of ORM Strategy


Tracking and listing the complete existing negatives of the brand in 360degrees. 24X7 Worldwide Brand Tracking

Creating maps for client locations in Google maps, Wiki maps, Bing maps, yahoo maps, etc.

Positive reviews Campaign - on every review website, we post client testimonials as a positive review on negatives.

Updating the Google family along with all social media pages to get more positive results online and clearing the customer quires in hours of time. So that we can kill the new complaints and negatives before arising.

At the end of every month, we perform special negative hunting process on your brand name (Hunting for missing negatives which is not detected in 24X7 auto tracking system. Sometimes people may write their reviews without using the brand name, so we perform manual search for your brand)


Changing the wrong and misguidance information in all search engines wrong mappings/addresses and images from all important first search results. Continuing the Positive review campaign with testimonials.

Working with SEO techniques for Positive reputation, We make a search engine to Pull down the “Negatives” and Pull up the “Positive” links to the first page results.

Submitting the profile to Wikipedia.

Creating blogs and updating the information.


Finally, Sending warning emails to threatening websites to remove the complaints, sending emails from official mail id i.e. and continuing 24X7 tracking and fighting with negatives.


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